What Is A Talking Head Shot? – Part 2

Here are additional tips in recording a talking head shot:

Use text and images. Depending on the message of your video, you can utilize some texts and images to break the monotony. No matter how pretty or handsome the talking head is, it can be quite uninteresting when it does nothing but talk. Simultaneous flashing of text and images can provide rhythm to the video and engage the viewers more. Say, if you have a three-minute clip, you can insert something every minute. This will help maintain your audience’s interest.

Empower the voice. Whether the presenter, narrator, or you yourself are talking on the video, it is imperative that you empower the voice. This doesn’t mean that you have to speak loudly though. This only means that no one is supposed to speak in a monotone. The volume, tone, and accent must vary according to the emphasis that is called for in the script. For example, if something important must be said and the goal is for everyone to remember it, the speaker must slow down and talk in a modulated and clear voice.

Use subtitles. OK, so this isn’t exactly a must, but in case you want to make sure that the video would be understood thoroughly, then subtitles can be useful. This will also cater to a portion of your viewers who may not be using English as their mother tongue. Besides, when the speaker’s accent is too thick or the quality of the audio is defective, subtitles can greatly promote understanding.

These are some tips you can follow when shooting a talking head. Try them on your next video and explore something new.


What Is A Talking Head Shot?

There are many ways to take a shot in a web video production but one of the most common (and inarguably important) is known as the “talking head” shot. Now, what is this funny-sounding shot exactly?

“Talking head” pertains to a video shot wherein the presenter, actor, or personality is talking directly in front of the camera. In this shot, only the head or the upper body is visible. Think about the news anchor delivering the headlines. That is the perfect example of a talking head.
In web videos, talking heads are very common because they are not only easier to make but catchier too. Let’s talk about some tips on how to make the most out of it:

First, make sure that your presenter is relaxed and comfortable. Since this shot is focused on the head, any discomfort, nervousness, or uneasiness would be very evident. No one would take pleasure in watching such a face, right?

Second, the presenter must also be active and natural. His or her body language must exude confidence in a non-intimidating way. His or her eyes must move naturally too, not like a cat that just saw a rat.

Third, once the subject is ready, you can move on to other things such as props. Yes, you are only shooting a talking head, but tools and objects can make a huge difference particularly in catching the viewer’s attention.

Additional Good Ideas For Writing A Good Script

In one of my previous posts, I shared some ideas on how to write a good script for your web videos. Want to know more about it, read these additional tips:

How to write a good script also involves deciding at which point you would want to start the story. Would you like it to run the usual chronology or would want to start in the middle or the end? Flashbacks can be a wonderful thing at times so you may want to consider working on one.

Think about the big scene where a certain situation would change your protagonist. Decide which the “character arc” would be and how are you going to present it. This is a crucial part of the story as it gives depth and meaning to everything that happens around the subject.

It is best to think of your ending. It doesn’t always to have to be the ending that everyone expects or wants. This part will really depend on your purpose. If you intend to have a sequel, then you should create a cliffhanger of some sort; something that will make people crave for more. If not, think of the best resolution that will make the viewers connect all the dots in your story. The entire flow must culminate in a coherent and sensible way.

Now, these tips are just some of the practical things you can follow in order to crop up a good script. They may not come easy especially when the infamous writer’s block is there, but it, too, can be solved. Design a game plan to deal with it. Then, write your heart away.

Writing a good script basically entails dedication and patience. If you have both, then you’re already halfway the job. Remember that success never comes easy. If you want it, you have to toil for it. The more you toil for it, the bigger your chance at success becomes.

What it Takes to Be a Video Scriptwriter – Part 2

You need to have a great deal of imagination to write good video scripts.

Following the previous post on what you need to be a good video scriptwriter, here are three other important traits:

Imagination and Creativity—The script is meant to deliver a story that would be portrayed visually. Naturally, it must be lucid and precise so that the output would look as it should. This can be quite challenging especially if you’re not very imaginative and creative. A scriptwriter must be able to play scenes in his or her head and transform them into words in such a manner that could concretize imagination into reality.

Analytical ability—A web video scriptwriter must also be able to pin down the needs and wants of his or her target audience. It is important that he or she is able to classify which truly is important and which isn’t. This ability can save a lot of resources in the long run, not to mention the psychological and emotional stress that may accumulate during production.

Selling skill—It is possible that the marketer is the same with the web video scriptwriter but this may not always be the case. Anyhow, it is important for each to have a little skill of the other. This will make the goals of both jobs more attainable. If you’re a writer who can effectively present ideas and entice audience to take action, then actual sales can definitely be more favorable. Ability to work on a team—Whether you like it or not, a scriptwriter isn’t always nerdy, weird, and lonely. He or she has to work with people too. It is crucial him or her to be cooperative at all circumstances to ensure that the project will turn out the best way it can.

Understandably, it can take a great deal of time to develop these traits. If you’re still in the process of honing them, you might want to consider tapping an internet video company that can help you with scriptwriting for your videos.

Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Scriptwriter? – Part 1

What do you need to write good video scripts?

Not everyone is cut to be a web video scriptwriter and this is the truth we should learn to deal with. No matter how grand a production is, it won’t matter unless there’s a well-crafted script to work on in the first place. If you’re a scriptwriter- wannabe but uncertain on whether you truly have what it takes for the job, then you must take this entry seriously. Here we will enumerate some of the qualities a good web video scriptwriter should have.

Basic writing skill—You may be raising an eyebrow on this. Of course you should have the basic writing skill! However, this isn’t true in everyone who aims to be a scriptwriter. Some people just think that it’s cool to be nerdy and weird so they want to be a writer. If you’re one of these folks, then think about it one more time. Any scriptwriter must be able to write clearly and concisely. He or she must have an above-average command of the language. If you don’t have it, then you got some serious work to do.

Interest in diverse topics—As a writer, you won’t be able to choose the topic you’re going to work on all the time. There will be instances when the boss or the circumstance would ask you to work on something you’re not very familiar with or fond of. It would help if you’re naturally curious about things because it can give you practical insights on all sorts of subjects.

More of this in next week’s post.

Quick Web Video Topic Tip

Look at what’s current in your industry.

There’s a joke about Michael Bay being a director who shoots scenes first before writing scripts. Unless you’ve got a full arsenal of special effects at your disposal, chances are shooting without a master plan, a script won’t work for you. You need to prepare and get your actors to master one before the camera starts rolling. This is even if you’re not shooting a creative story.

Before you write a script though, you need a good topic. Sometimes, finding one is even harder than the actual writing. How or where do you find a good topic?

Common sense dictates you should identify what you want to shoot a video about first. Once that’s settled, take a look at what’s current in your industry. This part may actually encompass several days. Spend time just reading abut what’s been going on. You can make this step a lot easier by subscriber to news and blog feeds in your industry. You can also set up email alerts about your points of interest.

After immersing yourself in your niche’s latest trends, pick a topic that you can easily get creative with. A good example would be Google’s Panda and Penguin algorithm updates that have affected the SEO industry. You might want to write a script revolving around pandas and penguins. Why not wear a panda suit and talk about the updates?

More quick tips to come soon.

Shooting a Video? Have Your Market in Mind

Anyway they want it is exactly how you should serve your videos to your market.

Are you all set to shoot a video soon? Whether it’s to promote a business, a cause, a personality or a personal project, you need to start with your market in mind. A lot of people seem to think that the term “market” only applies to businesses. Even if you’re not promoting a business however, you still have a market in your audience. Even if there’s no money involved, you are still essentially trying to sell an idea or a message to a group of people.

A lot of video creators forget to put their audience first and instead script clips that follow what they would like to say. Although what you want to say has its place in a video, you should also think of what the audience wants to hear and see or what would appeal to them most. The best way to grab people’s attention is to cater to what they want.

Since we’re on the topic of communicating with your market they way they want to be communicated to, it’s also worth keeping in mind that effective communication depends partly on your proper understanding of socio-cultural factors. If you live in the U.S. but your market is largely made up of people from another country or continent, then you should start exploring how people from those regions interact based on their social and cultural backgrounds. For example, cracking jokes about the American political system might not be a good idea if most of your viewers don’t even have a basic understanding about it.

That’s it for this week’s short tip. More to come soon.