Additional Standard Equipment For Professional Video Production Today

Want to make stunning videos for your customers? Make sure to have these standard pieces of video equipment ready:

Computer– Professional video production involves the meticulous job of editing. A video is never finished until it has been edited and polished to its best. Naturally, you would need a computer to do this. Now, if you’re only editing a home video, your desktop would certainly do. However, if you are producing digital productions that are highly complex, or you are eyeing to create HD videos, you would definitely need a more powerful and loaded computer. This is going to cost much, but the output will be worth it.

Video editing software—Just like the computer, the software you’d need for editing would depend on the output you intend to produce. If it’s just straightforward editing, there are free pieces of software you can utilize. They are even downloadable from the internet. However, if you wish to have more editorial control and sophistication, then you would have to look for a program that gives the options. Again, they would be costly, but at least they can give the quality you require.

External hard drives—External hard drives are vital particularly if you are doing a lot of editing. Video files are huge and it wouldn’t take long before they fill your computer memory. To ensure that you have sufficient space, stock up some hard drives within reach.

DVD Burner—Professional video production companies use DVD burners for their finished projects. Burning the videos is the fastest way to share them anyway. Hence, if your computer doesn’t come with a built-in burner, purchase an external piece.


Top Benefits of Camtasia Screen Recording Software for Web Videos

Feeling a little camera shy and thinking you’ll never be able to get through recording a live web video? No sweat. Maybe you just need to take baby steps until you’re more comfortable with the whole idea of web videos. A good first step would be to do screen recordings using a tool like Camtasia from TechSmith. I discovered the tool three years ago and I haven’t stopped using it since then.

Camtasia Screen Recording Software

Make web videos right in your computer

The concept is simple enough. You use the tool to record you performing a task on your screen. This is an excellent video capture tool if you’re recording task steps or online how tos. For a lot of people, videos like these are intended as instructional materials for staff or co workers, but the truth is, you can do so much more. Just like a regular live video, you can edit Camtasia recordings and upload them to video sharing sites. This simply means there is a potential to reach an audience so you can generate traffic to your site, awareness over an issue or leads to your business. In short, you can use these videos for marketing and promotion.

Keep in mind that people flock to YouTube in droves every day looking for step by step instructional videos on a whole host of things. You can make a video showing the steps related to the topic or niche you want to draw attention to. Depending on your topic and the level of competition you’re facing, this can get you views and consequently, the attention that you need.

I might start posting Camtasia tips here along with my live video recording notes. I still find it an invaluable video making tool even though I’m already into live video recording.