Additional Good Ideas For Writing A Good Script

In one of my previous posts, I shared some ideas on how to write a good script for your web videos. Want to know more about it, read these additional tips:

How to write a good script also involves deciding at which point you would want to start the story. Would you like it to run the usual chronology or would want to start in the middle or the end? Flashbacks can be a wonderful thing at times so you may want to consider working on one.

Think about the big scene where a certain situation would change your protagonist. Decide which the “character arc” would be and how are you going to present it. This is a crucial part of the story as it gives depth and meaning to everything that happens around the subject.

It is best to think of your ending. It doesn’t always to have to be the ending that everyone expects or wants. This part will really depend on your purpose. If you intend to have a sequel, then you should create a cliffhanger of some sort; something that will make people crave for more. If not, think of the best resolution that will make the viewers connect all the dots in your story. The entire flow must culminate in a coherent and sensible way.

Now, these tips are just some of the practical things you can follow in order to crop up a good script. They may not come easy especially when the infamous writer’s block is there, but it, too, can be solved. Design a game plan to deal with it. Then, write your heart away.

Writing a good script basically entails dedication and patience. If you have both, then you’re already halfway the job. Remember that success never comes easy. If you want it, you have to toil for it. The more you toil for it, the bigger your chance at success becomes.


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