Create Web Videos With The Right Microphones

Web video marketing is a hot trend and many entrepreneurs are giving it a go. Some of them try to create web videos on their own while some hire professionals to do the job in their behalf.

When we say “video production,” we are basically talking about two elements: the video itself and the audio. You may have shot the best looking video ever, but if it has a bad audio, then your efforts are useless. Hence, it is important to focus on the quality of the sound too. In the following, let’s talk about getting this done.

Mainly, what you ought to do is use a microphone. But, don’t use the one built on the camera. Almost all video recorders these days have built-in mics, but it’s not wise to use them if you’re making a production for your business. They won’t yield the good sound you require. You should get a microphone that’s designed for the job.

There are various microphones that can be used in creating video for the web. Some of the most common types are unidirectional, omnidirectional, dynamic, and condenser. Let’s get to know each of them briefly:

Unidirectional—A unidirectional microphone is typically used if there is only one source of sound. For example, a presenter is the only one speaking on the video; or there’s just one part of the location which you wish to pick the audio from. This type of microphone eliminates background noise and just focuses on one main sound source. As a result, the sound is clear and free from distracting noises.

Omnidirectional—From the term itself, you can deduce that it’s a mic that can pick up sounds from all directions no matter where it is pointed. It has a round pickup pattern that enables it to capture sound waves from everywhere. If you need multiple sounds as you create web videos, then this microphone is ideal.

Dynamic—Dynamic microphones are known to be very versatile so they are utilized for a wide range of purposes. They are designed simply and have few moving parts so are comparatively durable and resilient to moisture and rough handling. They can also handle sounds of high volume levels like those coming from drums and other musical instruments. They do not have internal amplifiers and do not require external power sources or battery packs.

Condenser—Condenser mics are the ones you will typically see in recording studios. They have greater frequency response and are much more receptive to loud sounds. They are costlier than dynamic microphones and require the use of an external power source. Condensers can either be a large diaphragm mic or a small one. The former is typically used for vocals and instruments when you wish to get a deeper sound while the latter is ideal if you aim to get a solid, wide frequency response.

These are the different types of microphones that can be used when you create web videos. All of them can significantly enhance the audio. Just choose the one which will fit your needs


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