What it Takes to Be a Video Scriptwriter – Part 2

You need to have a great deal of imagination to write good video scripts.

Following the previous post on what you need to be a good video scriptwriter, here are three other important traits:

Imagination and Creativity—The script is meant to deliver a story that would be portrayed visually. Naturally, it must be lucid and precise so that the output would look as it should. This can be quite challenging especially if you’re not very imaginative and creative. A scriptwriter must be able to play scenes in his or her head and transform them into words in such a manner that could concretize imagination into reality.

Analytical ability—A web video scriptwriter must also be able to pin down the needs and wants of his or her target audience. It is important that he or she is able to classify which truly is important and which isn’t. This ability can save a lot of resources in the long run, not to mention the psychological and emotional stress that may accumulate during production.

Selling skill—It is possible that the marketer is the same with the web video scriptwriter but this may not always be the case. Anyhow, it is important for each to have a little skill of the other. This will make the goals of both jobs more attainable. If you’re a writer who can effectively present ideas and entice audience to take action, then actual sales can definitely be more favorable. Ability to work on a team—Whether you like it or not, a scriptwriter isn’t always nerdy, weird, and lonely. He or she has to work with people too. It is crucial him or her to be cooperative at all circumstances to ensure that the project will turn out the best way it can.

Understandably, it can take a great deal of time to develop these traits. If you’re still in the process of honing them, you might want to consider tapping an internet video company that can help you with scriptwriting for your videos.


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