Quick Web Video Topic Tip

Look at what’s current in your industry.

There’s a joke about Michael Bay being a director who shoots scenes first before writing scripts. Unless you’ve got a full arsenal of special effects at your disposal, chances are shooting without a master plan, a script won’t work for you. You need to prepare and get your actors to master one before the camera starts rolling. This is even if you’re not shooting a creative story.

Before you write a script though, you need a good topic. Sometimes, finding one is even harder than the actual writing. How or where do you find a good topic?

Common sense dictates you should identify what you want to shoot a video about first. Once that’s settled, take a look at what’s current in your industry. This part may actually encompass several days. Spend time just reading abut what’s been going on. You can make this step a lot easier by subscriber to news and blog feeds in your industry. You can also set up email alerts about your points of interest.

After immersing yourself in your niche’s latest trends, pick a topic that you can easily get creative with. A good example would be Google’s Panda and Penguin algorithm updates that have affected the SEO industry. You might want to write a script revolving around pandas and penguins. Why not wear a panda suit and talk about the updates?

More quick tips to come soon.