3 Tips for Viral Video Pacing and Enhancement

Keep a fast pace to keep your viewers interested.

First, remember the importance of making the video short and to-the-point. There’s no way that a lengthy and elaborate film can spread like fire online. For one, internet users have a thing in common: they are always after fast and efficient procedures. When they want something, they type on the search engine field and browse— not read word per word.

Basically, it’s the same when they watch a video. When the story is going too slow, they will likely close the tab and look somewhere else. There’s countless other choices anyway. In YouTube alone, there must be millions. Now, you wouldn’t want your viewers to be fumbling through these millions, would you?

Another thing you have to consider if you wish to come up with guaranteed viral YouTube videos is to make them spontaneous and funny. Let’s face it, humor and spontaneity can go a long way. Coat-and-tie images are neat, but they can’t go viral. Something casual and funny can.

Music is another add-on you shouldn’t take for granted. An appropriate and cool-sounding music can augment the entertainment value of any video. It facilitates easier recall and recognition too.

These are the things you should know about creating videos that can go viral. Of course, there are other techniques to go about it, but these are the most basic you can’t take for granted. After getting a good grasp of what is a viral video, these pointers should immediately be on your next to-do list.


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