Writing A Script That Tells A Good Story

Videos need good scripts.

Writing a script for TV, movies, and the web may differ in a lot of ways, but, they agree on one common goal: to tell a good story. This means that whether you are writing a script for a stage play or for a web video production, you should be able to weave details in such a way that will engage the audience to the last bit. In this article, we will focus more on online videos and how a scriptwriter should work on their stories.

A script is necessary before you are able to create an online video. Even if you want something spontaneous, it would still require preparation. This means that no matter how natural or “unscripted” the video may seem, it still followed a script one way or another.

When writing scripts, it is important to consider the length of the video that is about to be made. Is it going to be a 4-minute film on a product demo, or a 2-minute video on corporate view? Knowing the target length is important so you will know how long or short your script is going to be. It will also help you prudently edit the piece; letting you shorten or lengthen it without having to sacrifice significant details.

And that’s this week’s quick tip. More next week.


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