What Is A Viral Video?

What is a viral video? Can it do your business any good? If you have been asking yourself these questions, then you need not ask anymore. In this short article, we will talk about what this video is and whether it can make a difference in your business.

First, from the term itself, you can gather that this kind video is something big and far-reaching. Like a virus, it spreads easily and broadly. So, you can simply define a viral video as a kind video that spreads rapidly and widely over the internet.

There have been quite a number of infectious videos on the web that caught millions all over the world. They were typically shared through instant messaging, emails, blogs, and media-sharing websites— primarily YouTube. The success of these videos in catching public’s attention is basically what motivates online entrepreneurs to explore them too.

Imagine if you can create a viral video for your business and tell the world of who you are and what you do with minimal effort, that would be awesome, right? It can change the future of your business by leaps and bounds! As long as your product or service is what you claim it to be, there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy the tremendous effects of a video like this.

Now that you know the answer to the question what is a viral video, you can start planning on how to come up with one. Obviously, not all videos can go viral so you’d better spend time conceptualizing how you can make yours one.

Here’s an example of a great viral video.


Keeping the Action Short and Simple – Tips for Video Script Length

Keep your script short and simple.

As a general rule, 150 words is good for a minute-long video. You can try your script by reading it aloud at a comfortable pace. If you go beyond this number of words in a minute, you’d be running out of breath. When you experience this, start trimming the piece so it won’t end up becoming a business nightmare.

After editing, go through the same process. Repeat it until you reach the level when reading is already comfortable and almost effortless.

Another thing you have to keep in mind when writing a script is the value of breaking things down into smaller pieces. This means that if you’re looking at an online video that’s 4 to 6-minute long, you should divide it into two or three discreet parts that will give viewers the leeway to navigate in between. This will not only benefit them, but you too, as it will give you more flexibility in shooting and editing.

Speaking of the shooting and editing, another aspect you must focus on when writing is the on-screen elements and actions that will go with the entire script. Is there a need for on-screen graphics? Are you going to use on-screen texts? These details and others must all be included. To do this, it is then crucial to have a good picture of the already-completed video in your head. It will save you a lot of time, money, and effort in the long run.

Finally, after writing a script, never forget to do a dry run. Before setting up the location and bringing in the crew, you would want to make sure that everything is as flawless as can be. The flow, the pace, the details of the onscreen elements— they should all be ready to work together and create a video that tells a good story.

Writing A Script That Tells A Good Story

Videos need good scripts.

Writing a script for TV, movies, and the web may differ in a lot of ways, but, they agree on one common goal: to tell a good story. This means that whether you are writing a script for a stage play or for a web video production, you should be able to weave details in such a way that will engage the audience to the last bit. In this article, we will focus more on online videos and how a scriptwriter should work on their stories.

A script is necessary before you are able to create an online video. Even if you want something spontaneous, it would still require preparation. This means that no matter how natural or “unscripted” the video may seem, it still followed a script one way or another.

When writing scripts, it is important to consider the length of the video that is about to be made. Is it going to be a 4-minute film on a product demo, or a 2-minute video on corporate view? Knowing the target length is important so you will know how long or short your script is going to be. It will also help you prudently edit the piece; letting you shorten or lengthen it without having to sacrifice significant details.

And that’s this week’s quick tip. More next week.

Two More Tips on Video Scripts and Distribution

You need a good script to make a good video.

First on the list of video-making tips is the necessity of a good script. In commercial video production, the script is the blueprint. It has all the details of the project— from the visual, to the aural, to the time elements of it. Whether you are writing the script by yourself or hiring an expert, it’s important to be scrupulous in its creation. A complete and polished script will save you a lot of trouble in the future.

The second tip on business video production is planning the distribution. Of course, you can upload the video to your business site. But apart from that, you can disseminate it through other means too, such as free video hosting sites. Social media can also be a good venue. Like video hosting websites, they are far-reaching but don’t cost a thing.

Basically, a widely-distributed video can be useful especially in making your business known to the world. Utilizing modern platforms like social media and video hosting sites can help you get to this goal fast.

Now, the cool thing about these platforms is they don’t only allow distribution but reaction too. They let the makers and viewers express and exchange thoughts so the experience becomes more fun and rewarding. Sure, you will not always get two thumbs up, but, even thumbs down can teach valuable lessons. You must seize every opportunity to learn from comments because after all, your viewers invested time in creating them too.

These are the practical tips you should remember when it comes to business video production. While the endeavor can be challenging and time-consuming, it can prove to be a risk worth taking. It has the capacity to boost a marketing campaign to a level that guarantees success. And if you can seal victory, won’t you do just that?