Viral Video Pick – The Dollar Shave Club

I’m getting addicted to viral videos, but that’s just the point right? Viral videos are meant to catch your attention and leave you wanting more. I’m not into all sorts of viral videos though. I have a particular preference for promotional videos. These excellent pieces of work are extra attractive for me because they have definite goals to accomplish but use creative approaches.

Critics of viral marketing clips usually point out that these types of videos just want to sell something, whether it be an idea, a product or a service. The fact is, video producers aren’t trying to hide that. That is exactly the purpose of their videos, but don’t you just admire the effort and artistry that go into these clips? Since we’re constantly bombarded by advertisements everyday, wouldn’t you prefer to be entertained while they’re at it?

I know I would rather watch a creatively done viral advertisement than swallow direct, hard sells.

Here’s my viral video pick for the day from the Dollar Shave Club. Enjoy.


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