YouTube vs. TV – Let the Games Begin

I came across an interesting video lately that featured a slug fest between YouTube and TV. The premise of the video is that YouTube will soon take the lion’s share of viewers, leaving television to eventually bite the dust.

This ideas isn’t new to me. I first came across the suggestion at a conference in Melbourne in 2010 where industry experts predicted the rise of the age of web videos, spearheaded by YouTube. They might have actually been on to something there. Isn’t YouTube now the second largest and most used search engine? Doesn’t the service now offer a host of viewing options from short informative clips to full length streaming movies for rent?

This simply means YouTube has everything you’ll ever need or want which is really the secret to its appeal. Online video sharing sites put control in the hands of the viewers. You get to watch what you want, when you want. With TV, you’re stuck on whatever networks think people want to watch.

The only real obstacle to the dominance of online videos is the availability of the internet as a resource. As much as we’d like to say that the internet is everywhere, not everyone has access to a good, fast connection. This is true even in some first world countries. If you have to wait an hour for a few minutes of video to buffer, you’d really rather just grab the remote control.

Warning: This video uses explicit language.


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