Three Quick Web Video Storytelling Tips for Beginners

Get someone appealing to tell it like a pro.

I’m in a rush today for a shoot so I can’t post a lengthy article. I do just want to share though a few quick web video tips that I picked up from one of my reluctant mentors. Yes, I have reluctant mentors mainly because I keep on bugging them and they keep on giving me answers even when they’re already annoyed. Thanks to Steve for this one. So here are some of Steve’s quick tips:

Don’t go for obvious themes.

Whether your trying to sell a product or to get people to support your cause, strive to be creative in message presentation. People are smarter now and unless you’re a celebrity, you won’t get leads if you just told people to buy this or that. Kick your script writing skills into overdrive and craft a creative story to shoot with your actual message delivered in a subtle manner.

Appeal to the emotions.

As shameful as this may seem, people still react to high level drama and this sometimes even negates their ability to think or research about the subject of a video before taking some form of action. So if you want people to take your message in a positive light, craft a story that will make them feel a whole range of emotions. Also, make them feel like they’re going to be part of something big if they participate.

Get an appealing host.

If you can’t sell the drama, get a host who’s got the charm and talent for talk and as base as it may appear, it won’t hurt if he looks nice. You don’t need a cute model. You just need a host who looks neat, confident and engaging. People will gravitate towards someone who’s likable and articulate.

That’s it for now. More tips to come after my shoot.


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