Why You Should Invest in Viral Web Videos for Business

Your business needs to be in there.

In the previous post, I gave you a beginner’s introduction to viral video marketing. In this post, let’s take a look at the reasons why it’s a good idea for business owners to get into creating viral web videos.

*Low investment – If you are creating your own video using the most basic tools, it probably won’t cost at all. However, if you are hiring a reputable web production company, it’s going to require some cash. While it won’t be cheap, the return of investment is guaranteed.

*Substantial exposure – The basic goal of online video marketing is exposure. If your tool goes viral, then you’re looking at a massive exposure every online entrepreneur dreams about. Imagine being viewed by thousands– or even millions– of prospective clients. That would be awesome, don’t you think?

*Increased traffic – Exposure inevitably leads to increased traffic on your website. As video hosting websites allow the sharing of links, you can gain some click-through traffic directed to the homepage or any specific page in your site. This increase can be beneficial because apart from making you more visible in the web through improved ranking on the search engine results pages, your profitability increases too.

*Easier brand recall – Because you get substantial exposure, viral video marketing also makes recalling your brand a lot easier. A simple flashing of the logo can serve a good “warm up” to your business. Even if the thousands (or millions) who watched your video didn’t get converted as clients, at least they already know of your brand. As you know, consumers are inclined to go for familiar brands. Never-heard-of companies don’t appeal to them. When their need for your product or service arises, your logo would easily come off the top of their heads.

*Improved reputation – A well-thought-of video can result in a significant improvement of reputation. Through it, you can tell the people who you are and why they should trust you. The competition on the World Wide Web is stiff. A good video can go a long way in building and establishing your name above others.

There are a lot more reasons why viral video marketing is in these days. If you are an online entrepreneur who wishes to benefit from the ones already mentioned and more, then you’d better learn of this marketing tool soon.

Here’s an example of a truly viral video used for marketing a product. It’s one of my favorites because, like most successful viral clips for business, this doesn’t go into hard selling and instead lets viewers have fun while they’re getting to know the brand.


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