A Beginner’s Introduction to Viral Video Marketing

Anyone who’s been online has probably already heard about videos going viral. What exactly does this mean for businesses and marketers?

Viral video marketing is a strategy which utilizes videos and social media to promote a company or a brand. The term “viral” simply pertains to the potential of the message to be self-replicating so it can spread like wild fire in the cyberworld. In the real world, this is exactly what viruses do when they infect people or animals. They spread quickly and thoroughly into an organic being’s system. Many online entrepreneurs have started utilizing this concept for several good reasons.

A viral video is like a virus. It replicates & spreads.

Before anything else though, you need to know that not all videos have the potential to go viral. Not all of them have the capacity to pique the public’s interest to the extent that they’re shared to everyone. Simply put, the likelihood of a video going viral depends on the number of people sharing them with others. If it’s not compelling enough for the viewers to share, then there’s zero chance for it to go viral.

In the next post, let’s delve into the reasons why online entrepreneurs go for this comparatively new strategy.


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