A Handy Tip On Business Video Production

Who’s your audience?

Business video production is getting hotter by the day. More online entrepreneurs are giving it a try because of its steadily rising effectiveness. A company creates a web video and the next thing you know, its products and services are selling like pancakes. Who wouldn’t want the same result, right? If you do, then you might want to take note of this handy tip on making a video to market a business.

You have to define your audience. As a business owner, you should know that not everyone is a potential client. A specific brand is often only compatible with a specific audience; hence, you should define yours clearly. If you don’t, you will not be able to create a marketing plan that truly works.

When defining your audience, you should delve into knowing what their needs and wants are. What are their aspirations? How about their concerns? Answering these is important because they will help you create an effective plan for promotion.

Let’s say, in video production, knowing the concerns of your audience can inspire you to create a video that will offer a solution, advice, or anything that will help answer their needs. If you build on these things, you build on winning their hearts too.

Keep posted for more of my quick tips on my next post.


Viral Video Pick – The Dollar Shave Club

I’m getting addicted to viral videos, but that’s just the point right? Viral videos are meant to catch your attention and leave you wanting more. I’m not into all sorts of viral videos though. I have a particular preference for promotional videos. These excellent pieces of work are extra attractive for me because they have definite goals to accomplish but use creative approaches.

Critics of viral marketing clips usually point out that these types of videos just want to sell something, whether it be an idea, a product or a service. The fact is, video producers aren’t trying to hide that. That is exactly the purpose of their videos, but don’t you just admire the effort and artistry that go into these clips? Since we’re constantly bombarded by advertisements everyday, wouldn’t you prefer to be entertained while they’re at it?

I know I would rather watch a creatively done viral advertisement than swallow direct, hard sells.

Here’s my viral video pick for the day from the Dollar Shave Club. Enjoy.

YouTube vs. TV – Let the Games Begin

I came across an interesting video lately that featured a slug fest between YouTube and TV. The premise of the video is that YouTube will soon take the lion’s share of viewers, leaving television to eventually bite the dust.

This ideas isn’t new to me. I first came across the suggestion at a conference in Melbourne in 2010 where industry experts predicted the rise of the age of web videos, spearheaded by YouTube. They might have actually been on to something there. Isn’t YouTube now the second largest and most used search engine? Doesn’t the service now offer a host of viewing options from short informative clips to full length streaming movies for rent?

This simply means YouTube has everything you’ll ever need or want which is really the secret to its appeal. Online video sharing sites put control in the hands of the viewers. You get to watch what you want, when you want. With TV, you’re stuck on whatever networks think people want to watch.

The only real obstacle to the dominance of online videos is the availability of the internet as a resource. As much as we’d like to say that the internet is everywhere, not everyone has access to a good, fast connection. This is true even in some first world countries. If you have to wait an hour for a few minutes of video to buffer, you’d really rather just grab the remote control.

Warning: This video uses explicit language.

Three Quick Web Video Storytelling Tips for Beginners

Get someone appealing to tell it like a pro.

I’m in a rush today for a shoot so I can’t post a lengthy article. I do just want to share though a few quick web video tips that I picked up from one of my reluctant mentors. Yes, I have reluctant mentors mainly because I keep on bugging them and they keep on giving me answers even when they’re already annoyed. Thanks to Steve for this one. So here are some of Steve’s quick tips:

Don’t go for obvious themes.

Whether your trying to sell a product or to get people to support your cause, strive to be creative in message presentation. People are smarter now and unless you’re a celebrity, you won’t get leads if you just told people to buy this or that. Kick your script writing skills into overdrive and craft a creative story to shoot with your actual message delivered in a subtle manner.

Appeal to the emotions.

As shameful as this may seem, people still react to high level drama and this sometimes even negates their ability to think or research about the subject of a video before taking some form of action. So if you want people to take your message in a positive light, craft a story that will make them feel a whole range of emotions. Also, make them feel like they’re going to be part of something big if they participate.

Get an appealing host.

If you can’t sell the drama, get a host who’s got the charm and talent for talk and as base as it may appear, it won’t hurt if he looks nice. You don’t need a cute model. You just need a host who looks neat, confident and engaging. People will gravitate towards someone who’s likable and articulate.

That’s it for now. More tips to come after my shoot.

Why You Should Invest in Viral Web Videos for Business

Your business needs to be in there.

In the previous post, I gave you a beginner’s introduction to viral video marketing. In this post, let’s take a look at the reasons why it’s a good idea for business owners to get into creating viral web videos.

*Low investment – If you are creating your own video using the most basic tools, it probably won’t cost at all. However, if you are hiring a reputable web production company, it’s going to require some cash. While it won’t be cheap, the return of investment is guaranteed.

*Substantial exposure – The basic goal of online video marketing is exposure. If your tool goes viral, then you’re looking at a massive exposure every online entrepreneur dreams about. Imagine being viewed by thousands– or even millions– of prospective clients. That would be awesome, don’t you think?

*Increased traffic – Exposure inevitably leads to increased traffic on your website. As video hosting websites allow the sharing of links, you can gain some click-through traffic directed to the homepage or any specific page in your site. This increase can be beneficial because apart from making you more visible in the web through improved ranking on the search engine results pages, your profitability increases too.

*Easier brand recall – Because you get substantial exposure, viral video marketing also makes recalling your brand a lot easier. A simple flashing of the logo can serve a good “warm up” to your business. Even if the thousands (or millions) who watched your video didn’t get converted as clients, at least they already know of your brand. As you know, consumers are inclined to go for familiar brands. Never-heard-of companies don’t appeal to them. When their need for your product or service arises, your logo would easily come off the top of their heads.

*Improved reputation – A well-thought-of video can result in a significant improvement of reputation. Through it, you can tell the people who you are and why they should trust you. The competition on the World Wide Web is stiff. A good video can go a long way in building and establishing your name above others.

There are a lot more reasons why viral video marketing is in these days. If you are an online entrepreneur who wishes to benefit from the ones already mentioned and more, then you’d better learn of this marketing tool soon.

Here’s an example of a truly viral video used for marketing a product. It’s one of my favorites because, like most successful viral clips for business, this doesn’t go into hard selling and instead lets viewers have fun while they’re getting to know the brand.

A Beginner’s Introduction to Viral Video Marketing

Anyone who’s been online has probably already heard about videos going viral. What exactly does this mean for businesses and marketers?

Viral video marketing is a strategy which utilizes videos and social media to promote a company or a brand. The term “viral” simply pertains to the potential of the message to be self-replicating so it can spread like wild fire in the cyberworld. In the real world, this is exactly what viruses do when they infect people or animals. They spread quickly and thoroughly into an organic being’s system. Many online entrepreneurs have started utilizing this concept for several good reasons.

A viral video is like a virus. It replicates & spreads.

Before anything else though, you need to know that not all videos have the potential to go viral. Not all of them have the capacity to pique the public’s interest to the extent that they’re shared to everyone. Simply put, the likelihood of a video going viral depends on the number of people sharing them with others. If it’s not compelling enough for the viewers to share, then there’s zero chance for it to go viral.

In the next post, let’s delve into the reasons why online entrepreneurs go for this comparatively new strategy.

Web Video Production Companies on the Rise

Web video companies are thriving.

What have I been implying in the last couple of posts? Anyone reading my past entries can quickly conclude that I think web videos are the future of marketing and business promotion. Since web videos aren’t entirely the most popular materials used for promotion, I’d understand if someone would like to dispute that. The thing is, I’m not the only one in town who supports videos. More authoritative sites like ReelSEO and ConversionXL have been harping about the benefits of uploaded clips to business.

That’s not all, there have now been an increase in production companies that specialize in live web content. Just search for the phrase “web video company” in Google and you’ll see a list of companies pop up. If this field didn’t have the potential to help businesses grow, there’d be no production companies jostling for a spot in search engine page results.

Looking through the sites that offer this service, some, like this Melbourne video production company, have obviously put a lot of time and effort into projecting the right image to draw potential clients. These companies don’t look like backyard acts which again suggests that video creation and editing services is a growing and thriving industry.

Incidentally, if you’re convinced now that there is some truth to what I’m saying, make sure you put some effort into researching for the best options before you settle on a company to do your promotional clips. Ideally a good company should have:

  • work samples or a portfolio and customer testimonials
  • clear pricing structure and product packages
  • a presentable and professional looking site
  • working contact details (test by sending an email or calling)
  • a couple of positive reviews elsewhere online

I’ve said it and I’ll say it again. Web video is the future of business marketing and promotion. You should take advantage of it before the competition gets too stiff.