Three Skills You Didn’t Know You’d Need for Online Videos

You need to know how to write scripts for videos.

Anyone who wants to pursue a career in online video creation would normally think that developing technical skills is of utmost importance. After all, you can’t make attractive videos without knowing anything about lighting, lenses, angles and editing. What a lot of video experts don’t realize though is that there are a couple of other skills that are just as important. Here are three that you might not have known are crucial too:

Script Writing

You need to know how to tell a story, and although you’re not expected to be an award winning writer, this is not just simple story telling. You need to know ┬áthe proper structure of executing a story so that you’re able to grab a viewer’s attention and sustain it through your clip. This is true for shoots that are both plain on camera chatter and live action.

Just imagine the difference between a clip you abandon at the thirty second mark before you’re able to get to the middle and a long video that you watch to the very end. It’s likely you watched the long video because the story got you hooked.

Image Projection

You may not be Brad Pitt but if you’re going to face the camera, you should know how to project yourself. This doesn’t mean you have to make an effort to look pretty. This goes beyond physical looks. Aside from the general requirements to look pleasant, open and appealing, you also need to channel the image that’s right or appropriate for the business or cause that you want to promote. Who are you representing and how would they like you to carry yourself?

Strategic Planning

This term carries with it a seemingly formal connotation. Well, it is commonly associated with how companies and organizations define processes towards their goals. Believe it or not, it has a place in online video production. As a video producer, your work is not separate from the goals and objectives of the company, business, organization or institution you’re creating videos for. You need to determine what your specific goals are in production and where your place is in the bigger scheme.

These are only three skills I’ve figured video experts should pay attention to. There could be more though. Any suggestions?


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