The Link Between Web Videos and Business

Generate attention to your business with videos.

Last year, it was announced that next to Google, the second most popular search engineĀ is YouTube. There are a couple of implications here:

  • people actually use the search field of YouTube to look for things of interest to them
  • text content is no longer the only source of information attractive to searchers
  • videos have the potential to be used to generate attention to topics, products, people, causes and pretty much everything and anything

Despite these obvious conclusions, a lot of people still see YouTube simply as a portal for entertainment, a place to look for cute cat videos or music videos to while away the time. What many don’t realize is that this video sharing site has morphed into a legitimate and authoritative source of information.

Just try to perform a search yourself. Look for a How To video about a common or popular point of interest to you such as assembling furniture perhaps or using a photo editing tool. The videos you’ll get give good information and have most likely been viewed and liked by thousands of other viewers.

If you have even the smallest ounce of business acumen, you will instantly see how this can benefit your business. Depending on your niche, you can create and upload clips that viewers will find informative, helpful and useful. These can then draw attention to your business. Even if the How To video doesn’t fit your niche, you can still use web videos to your advantage. If you are a service provider, you can produce clips showing samples of your work or explanations of your services.

Videos are perhaps the lowest hanging fruit in business marketing. This is simply because not a lot of people have been taking advantage of it. Now is the best time to get into it before competition starts getting too tough.


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