Three Skills You Didn’t Know You’d Need for Online Videos

You need to know how to write scripts for videos.

Anyone who wants to pursue a career in online video creation would normally think that developing technical skills is of utmost importance. After all, you can’t make attractive videos without knowing anything about lighting, lenses, angles and editing. What a lot of video experts don’t realize though is that there are a couple of other skills that are just as important. Here are three that you might not have known are crucial too:

Script Writing

You need to know how to tell a story, and although you’re not expected to be an award winning writer, this is not just simple story telling. You need to know  the proper structure of executing a story so that you’re able to grab a viewer’s attention and sustain it through your clip. This is true for shoots that are both plain on camera chatter and live action.

Just imagine the difference between a clip you abandon at the thirty second mark before you’re able to get to the middle and a long video that you watch to the very end. It’s likely you watched the long video because the story got you hooked.

Image Projection

You may not be Brad Pitt but if you’re going to face the camera, you should know how to project yourself. This doesn’t mean you have to make an effort to look pretty. This goes beyond physical looks. Aside from the general requirements to look pleasant, open and appealing, you also need to channel the image that’s right or appropriate for the business or cause that you want to promote. Who are you representing and how would they like you to carry yourself?

Strategic Planning

This term carries with it a seemingly formal connotation. Well, it is commonly associated with how companies and organizations define processes towards their goals. Believe it or not, it has a place in online video production. As a video producer, your work is not separate from the goals and objectives of the company, business, organization or institution you’re creating videos for. You need to determine what your specific goals are in production and where your place is in the bigger scheme.

These are only three skills I’ve figured video experts should pay attention to. There could be more though. Any suggestions?


More Thoughts on Using Web Video Marketing for Business

Introduce your business through a video.

As I mentioned, in a previous post, web videos enable people to react. They allow comments, questions, and suggestions which have all the power to bring people in. Any entrepreneur should be able to tell how helpful this kind of drawing can be. Apart from telling viewers more about your business, you are telling them more of you too– and how trustworthy you are as a business owner.

It is true that web video production can cost a lot, but if you are working with the right company, the money you shell out will come back in no time. It’s one of the services that can pull your return of investment in no time.

There are several things that web video marketing can focus on. It will largely depend on the current situation of your company. For example, if you are relatively new in the business, you can concentrate on telling people who you are and what you do. You can also use a video to introduce and demonstrate a new product or service. With the right offer and presentation, it’s impossible not to get a lot of viewers wrapped around your fingers. After all, well-made ads have always attracted the public.

Now, apart from producing a video and putting it on your site, it is also important that you promote the video itself. You can do this by uploading it to other hosting sites such as YouTube, Google Videos, and Yahoo! Videos. Then, send out the links to family and friends.

The fantastic thing about these hosting sites is they accommodate your videos for free. They also allow interaction with the viewers so you can practically enjoy the same benefits as when you upload the video to your site.

If you’re an online business owner and you haven’t tried web video marketing yet, you should give it a thought soon. It’s a rising trend in the industry of promotion and you shouldn’t miss its many benefits.

Here’s a funny promotional business video I found from the employees of Poolwerx Lilydale. You might want to add a similar element of fun into your shoots to better grab customers’ attention.

Make Stunning Animoto Videos

In a previous post I wrote about using screen recording software to make web videos in case you hadn’t yet been able to adjust appearing in front of a camera. Aside from screen capture clips, one other option for the camera shy is to make slideshow videos. This is what a service like can do very well for you.

I’d been aware of the existence of the service for over a year now and my experience has been nothing short of fabulous so I thought it would be nice to share what I know about it now.  I know there are other services like this but they can’t hold a candle to Animoto.

As I said, the service can help you whip up stunning slideshow videos, complete with background music and background graphics. Videos all render in HD which makes them look all the more impressive in video sharing sites like YouTube. Some say these kinds of videos are nothing more than glorified Power Point presentations, but who cares when the videos look so good.

If you want to try out the service, you can signup for a free account where you’ll be able to make 30 second videos for free. If you want to create full length videos, you can go for their paid options.

Here’s a sample video made from Animoto.

The Link Between Web Videos and Business

Generate attention to your business with videos.

Last year, it was announced that next to Google, the second most popular search engine is YouTube. There are a couple of implications here:

  • people actually use the search field of YouTube to look for things of interest to them
  • text content is no longer the only source of information attractive to searchers
  • videos have the potential to be used to generate attention to topics, products, people, causes and pretty much everything and anything

Despite these obvious conclusions, a lot of people still see YouTube simply as a portal for entertainment, a place to look for cute cat videos or music videos to while away the time. What many don’t realize is that this video sharing site has morphed into a legitimate and authoritative source of information.

Just try to perform a search yourself. Look for a How To video about a common or popular point of interest to you such as assembling furniture perhaps or using a photo editing tool. The videos you’ll get give good information and have most likely been viewed and liked by thousands of other viewers.

If you have even the smallest ounce of business acumen, you will instantly see how this can benefit your business. Depending on your niche, you can create and upload clips that viewers will find informative, helpful and useful. These can then draw attention to your business. Even if the How To video doesn’t fit your niche, you can still use web videos to your advantage. If you are a service provider, you can produce clips showing samples of your work or explanations of your services.

Videos are perhaps the lowest hanging fruit in business marketing. This is simply because not a lot of people have been taking advantage of it. Now is the best time to get into it before competition starts getting too tough.

The Basics Of Web Video Marketing

I learned from a pal who’s also a passionate video creator the concept of web video marketing. Apparently, if I want to make a living out of my new passion, this is the place to be. We can’t just survive on pure art and creativity. Professionals need to focus on some sort of business element.

In a nutshell, web video marketing is a promotional strategy which online companies use to advertise their products and services through videos. These videos are typically brief, catchy, and highly informative. They are meant to create awareness and lure viewers to become customers.

Contrary to what others think, this marketing tool has been around for several years already. It just hasn’t reached the peak yet. Perhaps it’s because many entrepreneurs think that video production is a very costly investment. While this may be true, one shouldn’t discount the fact that even just a single, well-made promotional video can already spell the success of his or her business.

Finding it hard to sell? Try making videos.

See, a web video is very powerful because it resembles what people love to do: watch and react. Whether you admit it or not, modern-day folks prefer the tube over the books because the former is just a lot more engaging and entertaining. It doesn’t require too much effort as the latter does. Everything is plainly presented. You just need to sit and watch. Now, what could be a faster way to get a message across than that?

I’ve actually shot my first promotional video for a local business. It was a free job because I’m still honestly trying to learn my way around. It’s on the cutting board now and ready to go live.

More on online videos and business in the posts to come.

Top Benefits of Camtasia Screen Recording Software for Web Videos

Feeling a little camera shy and thinking you’ll never be able to get through recording a live web video? No sweat. Maybe you just need to take baby steps until you’re more comfortable with the whole idea of web videos. A good first step would be to do screen recordings using a tool like Camtasia from TechSmith. I discovered the tool three years ago and I haven’t stopped using it since then.

Camtasia Screen Recording Software

Make web videos right in your computer

The concept is simple enough. You use the tool to record you performing a task on your screen. This is an excellent video capture tool if you’re recording task steps or online how tos. For a lot of people, videos like these are intended as instructional materials for staff or co workers, but the truth is, you can do so much more. Just like a regular live video, you can edit Camtasia recordings and upload them to video sharing sites. This simply means there is a potential to reach an audience so you can generate traffic to your site, awareness over an issue or leads to your business. In short, you can use these videos for marketing and promotion.

Keep in mind that people flock to YouTube in droves every day looking for step by step instructional videos on a whole host of things. You can make a video showing the steps related to the topic or niche you want to draw attention to. Depending on your topic and the level of competition you’re facing, this can get you views and consequently, the attention that you need.

I might start posting Camtasia tips here along with my live video recording notes. I still find it an invaluable video making tool even though I’m already into live video recording.

Sony Handycam HDR-CX210 Review

Sony HDR-CX210

The web video equivalent of training wheels.

I bought a Sony Handycam a few months ago when I decided I wanted to learn to make and edit videos. I know what you’re thinking. Is she serious? It’s not a pro tool and isn’t even Sony’s most recent release. What is she thinking of shooting? Home videos?

You might have a point there. After all, if I want to learn to become a pro, shouldn’t I start learning to use pro equipment? The thing is, there is also something to be said about the inadvisability of  investing on expensive tools when you don’t even know where a camera’s on switch is or you’ve never tried editing and uploading to YouTube. My point is, before I spend like a pro, I’ve got to make sure I know the basics first. This video camera is my starter wheels.

Like they say, you get what you pay for. The Sony Handycam HDR-CX210 is just a little over $700 and is relatively cheap compared to higher level cameras. As expected, the clips you can make out of it are nothing spectacular but they’re good enough for the price. It’s good enough for beginners because:

  • it’s lightweight
  • records at full HD 1080p but can optionally be set to standard
  • with its Exmor CMOS sensor technology it can shoot good videos at low light
  • has extended zoom
  • has steady shot option to reduce video shaking
  • depending on your merchant, it comes with a free battery pack, cables and 16 gigs additional memory

For a budget camera, my only beef with it is perhaps the same complaint I’d probably have for every other video camera. You just don’t have everything you need in one box. If I have to shoot long videos at full HD I’d run out of power real quick. That means I have to buy and keep a spare. Aside from an additional battery unit, I also need to invest on an external mic for close shot interviews, a tripod, a camera bag, an LCD protector and more. Knowing Sony, it’s a given that these don’t come at a cheap price.

This short review is a product with my limited experience with the Sony HDR-CX210. I might have to post a new review or an update soon with more information about this unit.